Allan Citron

Jane Westgate is a total professional who achieves positive results wherever she goes. An employer would be lucky to have her.

Alan Citron
Business LeadYahoo! Entertainment

Mike Millikin

Jane Westgate is a superb communications professional, capable of very focused tactical execution and strategic contribution. She is unflappable even in difficult circumstances, and also a terrific member of a collaborative team.

Mike Millikin
Founder and EditorGreen Car Congress

Vincent D Alleva

The Westgate team are communicators who understands audiences on multiple levels and are able to over-deliver on expectations in connecting to them. I can only say that Westgate Communications will always be a go-to resource for me – no matter what role I find myself in, and they should be yours, too.  I’ve worked with many PR and Communication Agencies over the years, and Jane (and Westgate Communications) is simply the best.

Vincent D'Alleva,
General ManagerNorth America, Mayborn Group

Rick Bieber

“I’ve now had the pleasure of getting to know and work closely with Jane Westgate for several months on the theatrical release of my most recent movie, “The 5th Quarter.” Frankly, I’ve been astounded at how effective, and in how many areas, Jane has been. With expertise in marketing and publicity, media, business, finance and music (I’m sure to only be scratching the surface), Jane has been one of the most versatile and productive executives I’ve known, and has made a huge contribution to the efforts of distributing this film. Clearly, this is not the last project that we’ll work on together. She’s terrific

Rick Bieber
Movie Producer/OwnerAngel City Pictures