Westgate partnered with Draznin Communications (the lead PR agency) and Reserveage Organics worked to launch CocoaWell, the first brand dedicated to the health benefits of cocoa. It was inspired by a 20-year Harvard Medical School research study that found the Kuna native people, off the coast of Panama, significantly benefit from a concentrated source of healthy polyphenols in cocoa. Members also helped support the Company’s Resveratrol product line.

CEO Naomi Whittle signed a landmark deal with the Kuna. Her company, Reserveage, and the Kuna have agreed to work together for these mutual goals and benefits:

  • Make the world aware of the Kuna as an example of a healthy culture because of cocoa consumption
  • Establish an innovative form of fair trade
  • Make a positive impact on the Kuna nation with a target goal of investing three percent of net profit from the sale of CocoaWell products to support the Kuna Yala Institute for Research and Development’s sustainability and social initiatives

The campaign has enabled the three-year-old company to achieve phenomenal growth reflected in the following benchmarks:

  • Profitable in its third month of operations
  • Monthly sales grew 1,697 percent after 29 months
  • Annual sales increased 64 percent, while the industry average was seven percent
  • Products are available in more than 7,500 stores
  • Adding more than 100 stores per month, eight percent monthly growth
  • Company is a leader in the Resveratrol market with a more than 30 percent market share
  • Annual growth rate for exceeded 75 percent
  • Received industry award for “The Best New Supplement of the Year” within three months of launching
  • Received nine industry awards since inception
  • Finalist for the prestigious “Stevie Award” for the best, most innovative and fastest growing company of the year across all industries

Westgate Communications helped to generate more than 400 million media impressions, including:

  • The Dr. Oz Show
  • Dr. Manny
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Shape
  • New York Times
  • Woman’s Day
  • Woman’s World and many more