Checkers & Rally

Westgate team member Jamie Hoffman worked with CBS producers to feature Checkers & Rally’s CEO and President Rick Silva on the popular reality program “Undercover Boss.”

A proactive media and social media push began a month prior to the episode airing to gain viewership for the episode and publicity for the growing fast-food chain. There was an additional second wave of media and social media outreach post-air as a result of the overwhelming positive nature of the episode, with Silva removing his disguise at one location to confront a manager who was being cruel to employees and shutting the location down until a new manager could take over the following day.

The campaign produced phenomenal results. In addition to the Undercover Boss placement, the media relations component garnered coverage for the restaurant in top national, local and trade outlets.

Overall, the campaign produced more than 140 million impressions and $20 million in advertising value equivalency. In addition, after the campaign, stores showed 5% increase in sales.