Velcera-Pet Armor

Westgate Communications was hired by Trone to lead the media relations effort for their client FidoPharm, a subsidiary of Velcera. The media relations program was heavily focused on getting media coverage in top-tier consumer/pet health media (print, broadcast/syndicated radio, internet and blogs).

The goal was to educate consumers about PetArmor, a FidoPharm product positioned as the best choice in Tick/Flea prevention—affordable, safe, long-lasting. The key message: PetArmor is just as safe and effective for fleas and ticks as FRONTLINE® (the top competitor) at about half the cost.

We added family and pet safety to the pitch as zoological diseases can be spread from family pet to family members, and this resonated with the media.  We positioned, Doc Halligan, celebrity vet, as the storyteller in all media interviews to discuss how pet health = family health, and how PetArmor is both highly effective and affordable.

Westgate prepared all messaging documents (Pitches, Press Releases, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, Talking Points, Media Briefing Sheets). Targeted outreach secured top-tier media coverage and nearly 8 million in total media impressions.Westgate also provided media training as needed.

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